Our Leadership

Joseph Sterchak

President & CEO

Joe has been President of Robert E. Lamb, Inc. since 1992 and CEO since 1999. Under his leadership, the company continues to serve our core markets across the country and expand into new ones. Joe is hands-on with day-to-day business and project activities, providing insight and energy that push the company to keep setting strong goals, to strive for new ideas, and to develop better solutions for meeting our clients’ needs.

Gary Scott, P.E.

Executive Vice President Design & Construction

Gary serves as the EVP in charge of Lamb’s Design and Construction projects around the country. He is responsible for all field activities and manages our team of field superintendents and construction managers while keeping the client’s project goals at the forefront. Daily activities also include administrative oversight for budget compliance, project schedules, job-site safety, regulatory compliance, and quality control.

Robert O'Donnell, P.E.

Vice President Civil & Structural 

Rob joined our team in 1995. As Project Director for Control Center clients, Rob is well versed in the Design of 24/7 facilities and oversees all Civil and Structural Design for our Control and Data Center projects. Rob’s area of expertise includes site security and specialized systems for use in high-reliability, blast-resistant, tornado-resistant, and EMP-protected structural designs.

Daniel Sterchak

Vice President

Dan’s diverse project background and experience in all phases of project development bring an outside-the-box approach and an eye for practical problem-solving. He leads Lamb’s teams through the Planning and Design phases of a project and works closely with our Construction group to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of the client’s vision. Dan has been directly involved with a wide array of projects including Control and Data Centers, production enhancements, building expansions, training centers, and office renovations.

Craig MacLatchie

Vice President

As VP and Project Director for High Reliability, Nuclear, Data, and Control Center clients, Craig is well versed in the Planning and Design of 24/7 facilities. Craig leads Lamb project teams in conducting Master Planning studies that take into account reliability and redundancy, backup facilities, weather and man-made extreme events, and data security and separation. Craig has been part of the Lamb team for over 25 years.

Stephen Witman, E.I.T.

Manager Purchasing & Estimating

Steve joined Lamb in 2007. His duties include the bidding, hiring, and managing of subcontractors, maintaining project schedules, and overall project budgets. He is involved in the planning of each project, supplying value engineering, constructibility recommendations, and providing the quality check required to ensure project schedule deadlines are met, materials are available, and long lead items are reviewed and analyzed to keep projects on time and within budget.

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