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Lamb’s Architects and Engineers have delivered 500+ Control Center and Data Center projects across North America since 1969 — with one team, under one roof.

We design and build Control Centers. We establish relationships. From building your business case to defining your new, secure, EMP-protected building or upgrading Control Room workstations and technology — anything relating to your Control Center facility — we’ve got your back.

Control Centers are not our hobby. Simply put, this is what we do.

See a virtual reality video of a custom Control Center.

Control Center Services

Trusted Partner for Planning,
Design & Construction

Find the greatest value by tapping into our full range of professional services for your 24/7 system operations facility — staff Architects, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers. We take your project seamlessly from concept to completion. It’s one reason so many clients come back to us for help with their next project.

Control Center Planning

Considering a greenfield Control Center? Renovating or expanding your existing Control Room? Even if you think you know where to start, Master Planning is the critical first step in any successful design project. Let us turn your vision and our knowledge of industry best practices into a roadmap that takes you from start to finish.

Control Center Design

Detail Design builds upon the Planning Phase, transforming concepts into construction documents that optimize functionality, efficiency, ergonomics, tech, durability, and NERC-CIP compliance and reliability. A Control Center is not just a building. It’s the heart of your operations. Protect it with the Architects and Engineers who are Control Center experts.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management team is involved from day one. They take your project to the finish line. Conducting competitive bidding to local subcontractors and qualified vendors develops a guaranteed maximum price to complete the work. Let Lamb’s on-site supervision ensure delivery of the successful, functional, state-of-the-art command and control facility you envisioned.

Industry Expertise

Control Center Markets We Serve

Our more than 500 customized high-reliability projects span multiple industries across 48 States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Electric Utilities

  • Investor-owned, municipal, and cooperative
  • Transmission Operations Centers
  • Distribution Operations Centers
  • System Operations Centers
  • Control Rooms
  • Dispatch Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Network & Security Operations Centers

Gas Utilities

  • Operations Centers
  • Control Rooms

Water Utilities

  • Operations Centers
  • Control Rooms

Renewable Energy

  • Renewables Control Centers
  • Remote Operations Control Centers (ROCC)
  • System Operations Centers
  • Control Rooms
  • Real-time monitoring for wind and solar


  • Energy Control facilities
  • 24/7 monitoring


  • Flight Operations Centers
  • Dispatch Centers
  • Call Centers

Nuclear Generation

  • Emergency Response Facilities (ERF)
  • Emergency Operations Facilities (EOF)
  • Joint Information Centers (JIC)
  • Technical Support Centers (TSC)
  • Operations Support Centers (OSC)

Supplemental Specialties

Targeted Design for
High-Reliability Buildings

Nuclear Emergency Response Facilities

During a nuclear power emergency or drill, you need high-reliability facilities that you can trust, so you can concentrate on what’s important. Lamb has the industry expertise to plan, design, and build ERFs for nuclear plants across the country, including TSCs, OSCs, EOFs, and JICs.

EMP Protection

When you want to protect your facility from an electromagnetic pulse, there are no shortcuts. You need an industry-leading partner in EMP building design. Lamb is not only a trusted EMP consultant, we have planned, designed, and helped build EMP-shielded buildings to protect clients’ high-reliability facilities.

Data Centers

Your company is only as secure as its data. Lamb delivers turnkey Data Centers, either as part of a Control Center project or as a standalone facility, that you can count on to meet security and redundancy requirements.

Advancing Tomorrow’s Control Center Best-Practices And Trends

You do a serious job. 

Do it from a cutting-edge facility that exceeds standards for safety, security, and comfort.