Data Centers

Mission-Critical Facilities

for Redundancy,
Reliability, and Security

Data is one of your most vital assets. Do you have the capacity for future growth? Does your Data Center have sufficient security and redundancies to meet your uptime requirements?

Since our first Data Center design in 1969, Lamb’s team of Architects and Engineers has helped companies across North America answer these questions and improve their operations through our seamless, integrated Planning, Design, and Construction process.

Data Center Services

Trusted Partner for a Turnkey Solution

Our in-house Architects and Engineers collaborate with clients in every industry. We guide you through every stage in the process, from instituting the latest Data Center advances to ensuring your facility’s security.

The Data Center classifications created by Uptime Institute are the industry standards to follow for proven performance. Guided by this organization, our experts work with you to identify gaps in existing facilities, as well as design new to achieve your tier-level requirements. It is essential to evaluate and plan for the future.

Data Center Planning

Considering a greenfield Data Center? Renovating, expanding, or consolidating an existing facility? This is the critical first step for a strong project foundation — turning your vision into reality.

Data Center Design

Building on the Planning Phase, we transform concepts into construction documents, all reflecting the redundancy, security, and technology to enhance your operations.

Construction Management

Involved from day one, Lamb’s team takes your project to completion, delivering the high-reliability facility you require.

Best-Practices for Data Center Design

Get the most technically accurate, reliable, and cost-effective Data Center solution to suit your needs.