Industrial Facility Planning

Amid rapidly changing business conditions and fierce competition, you can trust us to align with your goal of realizing a meaningful return on investment from your expenditure.

This is why the architects and engineers at Robert E. Lamb, Inc. begin by reviewing your objectives and specific criteria. Only after assessing these variables do we evaluate your project’s feasibility and benefits to arrive at a customized, holistic solution for your facility‚Äôs needs.

Facilities / Campus Master Plans

To provide you with the most comprehensive plan as a road map for the future, we assess factors including:

  • Physical features of the site
  • Environmental considerations
  • Employee parking
  • Shipping/receiving flow
  • Floodplain designations
  • Community characteristics.

For your business situation in particular, keys to our master plans include the products being handled, processes used, inventory needs, distribution methods, and your financial projections.

Before and After Campus Addition

Facility Optimization

We focus on the physical arrangement of all resources within a facility, with the goal of arranging departments, work centers, equipment, and other amenities for the smoothest movement of work, people, materials, and information.

Our planners emphasize developing facilities to fit the optimal work flow, rather than fitting the flow to the facility. We determine the type of layout you need – product, process, warehouse, office, etc. – and then devise a solution to achieve the best results.

Site-Flow Utilization

For existing facilities, your organization must consider both the challenges and opportunities presented by growth. Our experienced planners can assess key variables of your site to be sure that new construction or renovation makes the best use of available space.

We review items including access points, the location of buildings and their relationships, and circulation of personnel, vehicles, and goods – all with an eye toward recommendations that ensure your site set-up makes the most efficient and effective use of physical resources on site.

New Equipment Integration

Each piece of equipment added to an existing facility or process affects those around it. Our planners help determine the most effective placement based on:

  • Characteristics requiring special provisions (high ceiling, noise and/or hazardous material containment, etc.)
  • Personnel safety and ergonomics
  • Required working/material circulation space
  • Special utility requirements
  • Work flow needs
  • Work-in-process storage needs
Manufacturing Equipment

MEP Systems Analysis

As your facilities age and change over time, our team can help make sure that mechanical, electrical, and plumbing capacity keep pace.

Our seasoned professionals assess existing conditions to project expected life span and recommend cost-efficient replacements or upgrades necessary to keep your buildings running properly and minimize the down time of key systems.

Switchgear System

We Will Help You Find the Answers

Although each facility project has its own set of unique requirements, they all begin with a core checklist that is crucial to their successful execution. We answer the following questions before work begins:

How does this project integrate into your existing facility?

How do you maintain operations while integrating this project?

What is the best plan for the anticipated budget, schedule, and phasing?

What are you not considering that could affect all of the above?

You can rely on our experienced team of planners to make sure you have covered all the bases so that your project proceeds smoothly from conception to completion.

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