EMP Protection

EMP/HEMP & IEMI Grid Threat

Designing Critical Infrastructure to Help withstand an EMP Blast

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)—an intense, short burst of energy delivered naturally or deliberately.

The world increasingly relies on technology, powering everything from internet searches to electrical grids. Its vulnerability to EMP attacks puts businesses and governments at risk. An attack, including high-altitude EMP (HEMP) and intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI), as well as a geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) can cause catastrophic damage to your digital equipment in a Control Room or Data Center. It can even destroy the electric grid.

HEMP-Shielded BIM Model

Leaders in EMP Shielding

Cutting-Edge Strategies in EMP/HEMP & IEMI Protection

Lamb has been at the forefront of integrating EMP hardening into high-reliability facilities since 2016, providing Architectural and Engineering services on over 500,000 SF of EMP-protected Mission-Critical Control Center and Data Center facilities that meet or exceed Department of Defense MIL-STD-188-125-1.

By collaborating with industry experts, leading EMP shielding and filter manufacturers, and testing companies, we ensure our dedicated team stays on top of changing regulations, technologies, and integration approaches.

Clients trust that expertise. It informs our evaluation of each client’s risk and determines our design of the appropriate EMP shielding solution.

EMP Hardening Services

Consulting, Design, and Implementation for
Optimal EMP Protection

Lamb’s EMP design experts work closely with clients in the Planning and Design Phases to understand their risks and requirements for balancing functionality and security. Our in-house construction management team ensures a coordinated and expedited EMP shield installation and testing program.

We can design EMP protection for your data closet, data room, Control Room, Control Center. Our demo control room features an EMP-shielded data room.

To design a shielding system, we determine:

Level of EMP protection as identified by The Department of Homeland Security — matching the facilities’ operational reliability requirements.

Extent of EM shielding system needed within the building — ranging from single room to the entire hardened facility.

Type of EMP shielding material, internal or external, to be used as the EM Shield — depending on protection level and the extent of shielding.

Government Recommendations

EMP Threats and Guidelines

Scientists and the U.S. government have repeatedly warned of the potential for EMP devastation and urged increased security for our electric grid. Find additional information:


Across the country, average Americans are more concerned with the possibility of EMP threats.
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