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Once you have your Control Center vision, it’s time to add the detail. Lamb’s staff Architects & Engineers provide Detail Control Room Design services that bring to life all of the concepts from your Planning Study. Get 3-D renderings and complete construction documents (detailed drawings and specs). These design documents allow you to move seamlessly to permitting and competitive bidding for project construction.

Control Rooms are the core nerve centers that ensure life’s essentials. It is critical that the design of these high-reliability facilities is completed with meticulous attention to detail. Our fully in-house design professionals focus modern Control Room design on functionality, efficiency, durability, ergonomics, and 24/7/365 reliability.

With Lamb, you get a fully customized Control Center, planned, designed, constructed, and delivered turnkey from a team whose expertise drives industry best practices.

Control Center. Data Center. Nuclear ERF. Whatever your facility type, Lamb understands and designs it.

See your vision come to life.

Defining Industry Standards


Considering a greenfield System Operations Center? Corporate headquarters? Data Center? Need to renovate or expand your existing Control Room? Design with Lamb is seamless, adhering to industry best practices for every detail, from the ground up. Utilities and companies of all sizes count on our Control Center expertise to deliver their 24/7, next-gen project.

Full-Building Design

We bring all of our design disciplines to bear on:

  • Functionality — Day-to-day facility operational needs.
  • Structural resilience — Weather hardening up to EF5 tornados, protection from hurricanes and seismic events, EMP shielding for man-made threats.
  • Redundancy – MEP based on ANSI/TIA-942.
  • Security — NERC-CIP compliance, exterior fencing, barriers and berms, interior cameras, and badging.
  • Sustainability — Electric vehicle parking stations, stormwater management, indoor air quality.

Custom Control Room Design

The Control Room is the heartbeat of your operations. Design matters. Lamb designs modern Control Rooms from the operators out, putting their needs at the forefront — from their personal workspace, to how they interact with others, work with technology, and use employee amenities. We develop a Control Room that adheres to — and often establishes — industry trends and best practices, and creates an environment that helps attract and retain operators, maximizing productivity and situational awareness.

Control Room Ergonomics

Seating and air quality for operator comfort, sight lines to video displays and appropriate lighting to reduce eye strain, acoustics to reduce distractions, all guided by ISO 11064.

Custom-designed Consoles

Ergonomic Control Room workstations that offer leading-edge technology, durability, sit-stand capabilities, personal environmental controls, storage, and collaboration spaces.

State-of-the-art Video Solutions

Control Room video display options, such as narrow-bezel LCD, video cubes, and direct-view LED, and innovative processing options.

Control Room Support Spaces

Overview and conference rooms, war rooms, kitchens, break and bunk rooms, and fatigue-mitigation rooms, based on client-specific needs.

All Under One Roof

Our Control Center / control room Design Team

Each of our in-house Architects and Engineers has extensive mission-critical expertise — many of them more than 25 years. These are designers who, like you, live and breathe system operations centers. We employ all design disciplines under one roof, where they are accessible and accountable to each of our clients.

Work with a design team with a reputation for excellence.



Creative and detail oriented, our Control Center Architects develop conceptual and detailed designs for your customized, state-of-the-art facility. They design Control Rooms from the operator out, ensuring building codes and ergonomic principles are top of mind.

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers

Understanding the complexities of zoning and permitting, our Civil Engineers analyze site suitability, stormwater management, security, traffic flow, parking, and wetlands related to the system operations facility, all while adhering to land use regulations and environmental initiatives.

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers

Meticulous problem solvers, our Structural Engineers design the critical facility’s shell, from foundation to roof, to ensure protection from natural and man-made threats.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Our Mechanical Engineers evaluate the most efficient and reliable design options for HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems for your Control Center, understanding the technical needs for your critical environment.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Our Electrical Engineers’ goal is to ensure continuous operations. They identify and design for all your system operations power needs, from load calculations and redundant protected sources, to security and appropriate workplace lighting for Control Room operators.

EMP Hardening Design

EMP Hardening Design

Our Control Center designers understand and implement the rapidly developing and highly technical specifications required to protect 24/7 facilities from electromagnetic pulse damage.

Transformative Control Center & Control Room Design sERVICES

Designing mission-critical facilities is not something most architects do.
We do it every day.

Trust Lamb — your company, investors, operators and customers will thank you.