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Why Jeremy Tuvé Chose Lamb

May 13, 2024

By Jeremy Tuvé, Business Development Manager



Name: Jeremy Tuvé

Previous Experience: Six years mission-critical and Control Room solutions, Midwest Territory Manager

Current Role at Lamb: Business Development Manager

What interested you about this opportunity?: An opportunity to grow, learn more, expand my skills, and contribute to meaningful projects.



Company Culture: I was attracted to Lamb’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment, where teamwork and communication are paramount. The emphasis on professional development opportunities and a strong work-life balance spoke to me on a personal level. Being part of a great team that prides itself on excellence is inspiring and motivating.

Specific Role: The Business Development Manager position at Lamb stood out to me as a unique opportunity to leverage my experience in mission-critical Control Rooms and operations. The role’s emphasis on finding business opportunities, working closely with a team, and working on a common goal is rewarding. I am excited at the opportunity to expand my current toolbox and learn new skills and knowledge to assist our clients.

Alignment of Values: The values that Lamb embodies align closely with my own, especially in terms of valuing family, integrity, excellence, and innovation. I believe in doing business in a way that is ethical and serves the greater good of our clients and the communities they serve. This aligns great with my personal values and Lamb echoes these sentiments.



My aim within the Business Development Manager role is to significantly expand Lamb’s presence in the utilities and mission-critical sectors, strengthening its position as a leader in innovative Control Room design, operations, and construction alongside our in-house team of experts. I envision leveraging Lamb for growth by initiating strategic partnerships and delivering exceptional value, and solutions to our clients. Through my role, I intend to contribute to a culture of excellence and innovation.



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