Lamb offers a full range of professional services required for conceptualization, evaluation, development, definition, and implementation. The overall goal is to bring the greatest value to our clients.

Our Process

Planning floor plan

A planning study evaluates your project’s practical and financial feasibility and determines the optimal solution to fit your vision, schedule, and budget.

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Design services

Our in-house architects and engineers prepare construction documents (drawings and specifications) needed to obtain building permits and initiate subcontractor bidding.

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Exterior of finished building

Our expert construction team turns the design documents into a successfully functioning facility by providing construction management and on-site supervision.

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Benefits of Integrated Design and Construction

Our experience is that you will receive the greatest benefits by integrating our services into a comprehensive, customized program. Using our services in an integrated fashion delivers the following to you:

Maximum project continuity: You will avoid the inter-disciplinary conflicts that can arise from multiple firms sharing responsibility for design and construction activities. In addition, we will handle competitive bidding among qualified subcontractors and vendors in the project area.

Accelerated project completion: You will have a single point of contact for schedule compliance, timely reviews, and full insight into project records. Plus, you will be able to participate in the progress to whatever degree you wish.

Guaranteed cost: You will receive a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the project from Robert E. Lamb, Inc., and you’ll share in the savings if the actual cost is less than the GMP.

However, we also pride ourselves on flexibility and client responsiveness – so you can choose to use our services separately for a specific stage of your project, or in any combination you desire.

3D image of Control Center
Exterior of finished control center building