Careful planning is the foundation for all that we do.

Planning and conceptual design allow you to evaluate a project’s practical and economic feasibility before you commit more substantial resources to detail design and construction. Then, you can use the results of this phase as the basis for project authorization, funding, and regulatory review.

By understanding your functional requirements, our team of expert planners at Robert E. Lamb, Inc. can provide the careful, thoughtful analysis, leading to a successful project that works as planned and delivers on time and within budget.

Planning Process & Deliverables

Our architects and engineers will work with you to identify your needs in a thorough, logical sequence and develop optimal solutions. Typical planning activities include the following:

  • Survey of requirements / objectives
  • Functional analysis
  • Space planning
  • Office / space standards
  • Work flow
  • Proximity relationships
  • Floor plan options
  • Furniture layout
  • Building definition
  • Site/security plan
  • Site utilization plan
  • 3D renderings
  • Cost estimation
  • Implementation schedule
  • Final report
Floor plan of building
Control Center Planning
Control Center Planning 
Floor plan layout of industrial plant work flow
Industrial Facility Planning 
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