Nuclear Emergency Response Facilities

During the past two decades, the expert team at Robert E. Lamb, Inc. has successfully completed emergency response facility (ERF) projects at more than 25% of nuclear generating stations in the United States – including technical support centers (TSCs), operations support centers (OSCs), emergency operations facilities (EOFs), and joint information centers (JICs).

We are well versed in the needs and requirements of these types of centers as defined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines (NUREG-0696).

Whether you are constructing a new primary or alternate operations center, or renovating an existing one, you can depend on our experience and industry knowledge to complete your ERF project successfully.

Leverage Our Expertise

Our key advantage is an expert knowledge of the various components that can make the difference in any emergency, ensuring that primary or alternate/backup facilities meet dynamic regulatory and safety guidelines and recommendations.


Technical Support Centers (TSC). We work closely with you to ensure that your TSC can serve as the primary communications center for your plant during an emergency, providing plant management and technical support to the reactor operating personnel located in the control room.

Operations Support Centers (OSC). We help ensure that your OSC provides a secure place for support personnel to report, along with a way to communicate with the TSC and the control room.

Emergency Operations Facility (EOF). We make sure your near-site support facility has the appropriate technical data displays to assist in diagnosing plan conditions to evaluate the effect on the environment. This is a critical functionality for managing overall emergency response, including coordination with federal, state, and local officials.

Joint Information Center (JIC). We coordinate with you to deliver a JIC at a location where personnel with public information responsibilities can perform critical emergency information functions, crisis communications, and public affairs functions.

Process & Deliverables

Through on-site observation, interviews with key personnel, and technical analysis of your particular situation and needs, we develop layouts and a written design narrative describing necessary improvements to the functionality, finishes, and systems serving the space. Following review of possible solutions with you, we provide a budget estimate and produce a schedule for renovations to minimize potential down time.

Facilities designed by Robert E. Lamb, Inc. help clients optimize their ability to:

  • Organize key technical personnel
  • Allow for clear visibility to plant data
  • Communicate internally
  • Provide breakout rooms for NRC and other key stakeholders
  • Plan space for multi-unit drills
  • Coordinate press releases to outside media
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