Control Centers

We have a wide range of experience with constructing and renovating hardened facilities such as control centers and data centers in a variety of sectors, as well expertise in nuclear emergency response facilities (ERFs).

Electric Utilities

We are experienced in planning, designing, and constructing generation, transmission, distribution, and dispatch centers forĀ all types of electric utilities – investor-owned, municipal, and cooperatives. Key areas of focus at Robert E. Lamb, Inc. are:

  • Increasing operator awareness through ergonomic designs.
  • Specifying work stations and display systems.
  • Ensuring compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards.
  • Installing redundant systems.
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) consulting
Electric utility control room with console workstations and large video display wall

Nuclear Generation

We work with emergency preparedness managers to provide new or upgraded facilities, including:

  • Emergency Operations Facilities (EOFs)
  • Joint Information Centers (JICs)
  • Technical Support Centers (TSCs)
  • Operations Support Centers (OSCs).

We also ensure that alternate/backup facilities meet dynamic regulatory and safety requirements.

Interior of EOF two display screens and array of many workstations

Water and Gas

We use our proficiency in designing and building control facilities for water and gas utilities to create custom work station designs and provide the necessary informational displays throughout the room. Integrating legacy systems is a key consideration for these spaces.

View from back of room of water and gas control room

Airline Operations

We engage with airline operations groups to design flight operation centers with significant call center space. These centers typically include large, centralized displays for situational awareness and flight monitoring.

Rendering of airline control center with call center


We work with refinery facility managers to design new and upgraded facilities for refinery control functions and work group shops. Key focuses are:

  • Hardening buildings
  • Providing for temporary structures
  • Upgrading legacy facilities
Night shot of blast resistant building
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