Control Center intro

Lamb has a vast range of experience with Control Center construction and renovations including work with:

Electric Utilities: Lamb works with generation, transmission, distribution, and dispatch centers for electric utilities. Key areas of focus are: increasing operator awareness through ergonomic designs, specifying work stations and display systems, NERC compliance, and redundant systems.

Nuclear: Lamb works with EP managers to provide new or upgraded facilities, including EOFs, JICs, TSCs, OSCs, and alternate/backup facilities, that meet dynamic regulatory and safety requirements. 

Water and Gas: Lamb provides expertise for designing and building control facilities for water and gas utilities by creating custom work station designs and providing the necessary informational displays through the room. Integration of legacy systems is a key consideration for these spaces.

Airline Operations: Lamb works with Airline Operations Groups to design flight operation centers with significant call center space. These centers typically include large, centralized displays for situational awareness and flight monitoring.

Refineries: Lamb works with Refinery Facility Managers to design new and upgraded facilities for refinery control functions and work group shops. Key focuses are building hardening, temporary structures, and upgrading legacy facilities.

Control Center Overview

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